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Adding a New Gravity Form in WordPress

Steps for adding a new Gravity Form in WordPress: In WordPress nav bar, choose Forms (with Gravity Forms logo), then choose New Form Add Fields and update Field Settings (e.g., make a field required). Save Form and Preview it (top right) At the top of the Form Editor are Settings and Entries. Completed form submissions … Continue reading “Adding a New Gravity Form in WordPress”

How to Connect Google Sheets to Contact Forms

After creating your form, click on the Google Sheets tab:       On your Google Drive account, create a new Google Sheet. Save it as something memorable. You will need to grab the name of the sheet, the Google Sheet ID (directly from the URL of the sheet), and the Tab name (default is … Continue reading “How to Connect Google Sheets to Contact Forms”

List All Sites Using Custom Shortcode

Shortcodes make it easier to customize wordpress pages quickly. WordPress comes with pre-built shortcodes but we’re going to build one from scratch. You will need to add a function to your child theme’s functions.php file. This particular code builds an ordered list of all our wordpress sites under our domain using the get_sites() function. … Continue reading “List All Sites Using Custom Shortcode”

Simple Steps to Secure WordPress Site

Keep WordPress updated Keep plugins updated Only use trusted plugins Only use trusted themes Choose a secure password No “admin” username Decent hosting Keep regular backups Restrict login attempts (use iThemes Security) Switch on SSL encryption Change database prefix Two-factor authentication (use Google Authenticator) Monitor what’s happening Block access to system files # protect files … Continue reading “Simple Steps to Secure WordPress Site”

phpCAS and WordPress

Make sure your account is in the “Administrator” role, as you won’t be able to login as admin after switching to CAS. 1. Download phpCAS and unzip/untar it:¬† 2. Download and unzip it in wp-content/plugins 3. edit wp-content/plugins/wpcas/wpcas.php and remove or comment out line 57: /* $wpcas_options[‘server_path’] == ” || */ 4. Create wp-content/plugins/wpcas/wpcas-conf.php … Continue reading “phpCAS and WordPress”