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Simple CAS Authentication

The following script makes a private web site accessible only to authenticated users. For example, if you have a career services web site and you only want students to access the materials using their email (university) credentials, this script would do the trick. You don’t need to create separate accounts  for the site. 1. Download phpCAS and unzip/untar it: 2. … Continue reading “Simple CAS Authentication”

phpCAS and WordPress

Make sure your account is in the “Administrator” role, as you won’t be able to login as admin after switching to CAS. 1. Download phpCAS and unzip/untar it: 2. Download and unzip it in wp-content/plugins 3. edit wp-content/plugins/wpcas/wpcas.php and remove or comment out line 57: /* $wpcas_options[‘server_path’] == ” || */ 4. Create wp-content/plugins/wpcas/wpcas-conf.php … Continue reading “phpCAS and WordPress”