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Creating a Spreadsheet for Full-time Faculty

A request to pull the following information from the full-time faculty directory: Last Name First Name Title Degrees and Schools SSRN link Subjects taught Area(s) of Expertise CV (PDF link if they have one posted) Email Bio (link to profile page) Create a chunk (ditto.faculty_list_2021_ABA) using tr and td tags: <tr> <td>[[+lname]]</td> <td>[[+pref_name:default=`[[+fname]]`]]</td> <td>[[+title_main]]</td> <td>[[+degree6:isnot=“:then=`[[+degree6:ReplaceDegrees]]`]][[+alma_mater6:isnot=“:then=`, … Continue reading “Creating a Spreadsheet for Full-time Faculty”

Creating “In the News” Content

“In the News” content can be found under Resource ID 11086 and should be contained within the year of posting. The simplest way to create an “In the News” item is to duplicate an existing resource from an existing faculty. Once you make a duplication, uncheck the published radio button to prevent the resource from … Continue reading “Creating “In the News” Content”

MODx comments

MODx comments will not appear when viewing the source code of a page. This is especially useful when trying to keep old banners on the homepage while having it out of sight. To use MODx comments, use the following syntax: [[- ]]

Course Schedule Conversion for MODX

This tutorial walks through the steps to convert course schedule from Excel file into MODX. Open up the original Excel file (provided by Deborah), merge multiple faculty into one row, then delete all the empty rows. Open up the Course Schedule Sample Excel file Copy and paste each column such as Course Title, Credit, and … Continue reading “Course Schedule Conversion for MODX”

Full-Time Faculty Table

The Full Time Faculty Table implements one ditto that calls two separate chunks. The chunks are: and The structure of both dittos are the same, with only the row background color being different using the existing even and odd classes within the main style sheet. When calling the ditto, filter the results using: … Continue reading “Full-Time Faculty Table”

Main Site Top Navigation Bar

Assigning new pages to different sections of the site are done within the resource itself under Template Variables. However, adding sections to the Top Navigation Bar requires manually editing a Chunks within MODX. To add a new Admissions Program to the Admissions section, for example, Navigate to Elements, select Chunks, then Navigation, and select the … Continue reading “Main Site Top Navigation Bar”

How to Upgrade MODX Revolution

Clear the site cache and the two logs (Error Logs and Manager Actions under the Reports menu) Flush Permissions and Log Out Backup files and database through cPanel Use CPanel to delete all the files in the cache folder (core/cache). Download the latest version of MODX Revolution, unzip, and merge (not replace) with the current … Continue reading “How to Upgrade MODX Revolution”

Add Breaking News on The Mason Law’s Homepage

To post one announcement on the Mason Law homepage, use this example: ANNOUNCEMENTS: <a href="">Information on Spring 2015 Laptop Exams</a> To post multiple news, use this example: <div class="announcements">Announcements:</div> <ul> <li><a href="[~15~]">Spring 2013 Class Schedule and Registration Information</a></li> <li><a href="[~8476~]">Information on Fall 2012 Laptop Exam Software</a></li> </ul>