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How to Renew SSL Certificate for

Log into cPanel (GoDaddy) and go to SSL/TLS Generate CSR and fill out all the information. Request SSL certificate from ITS. Submit a request to get a certificate. Once you get it from ITS, go back to cPanel – SSL and then go to certificates Then upload the .crt file that ITS gave you Go … Continue reading “How to Renew SSL Certificate for”

OpenSSL Update

Instructions on how to secure your server against the Heartbleed vulnerability: Edit CentOS-Base.repo (vi /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo) Add the # sign to this URL: mirrorlist=http://… (#mirrorlist=http://…) Delete # sign to this URL: #baseurl=http://… (baseurl=http://…) yum clean all yum update openssl openssl version -a (Confirm the update: exemple: ‘built on: Tue Apr 8 02:39:29 UTC 2014’) rpm -q … Continue reading “OpenSSL Update”