George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

Create Course Schedule HTML Table Using R

Referenced in steps below: Course Schedule Instructions. Save a copy of the original Excel file to come back to later for the Notes sections. Open up the original Excel file, merge multiple faculty into one row, then delete all the empty rows. Make sure columns are identical to the column names in script (do not … Continue reading “Create Course Schedule HTML Table Using R”

Layout Guides for the Law School Main Website

Here are some quick layout guides for the main law school website. To create a simple button (see visit campus page), add the button class. <div class="button"> <a href=""></a> </div> To create three buttons in three columns with three different colors (see homepage), add grid3 and color-buttons classes: <div class="grid3 color-buttons"> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> … Continue reading “Layout Guides for the Law School Main Website”