How to Upgrade MODX Revolution

Clear the site cache and the two logs (Error Logs and Manager Actions under the Reports menu) Flush Permissions and Log Out Backup files and database through cPanel Use CPanel to delete all the files in the cache folder (core/cache). Download the latest version of MODX Revolution, unzip, and merge (not replace) with the current … Continue reading “How to Upgrade MODX Revolution”

Add Breaking News on The Mason Law’s Homepage

To post one announcement on the Mason Law homepage, use this example: ANNOUNCEMENTS: <a href="">Information on Spring 2015 Laptop Exams</a> To post multiple news, use this example: <div class="announcements">Announcements:</div> <ul> <li><a href="[~15~]">Spring 2013 Class Schedule and Registration Information</a></li> <li><a href="[~8476~]">Information on Fall 2012 Laptop Exam Software</a></li> </ul>

MODX: Designing a Web Site

Contents Templates Template Variables Snippets Snippet: “Wayfinder” — Creating Navigation Menus Snippet: “Ditto” — Using Data from other Pages Snippet: “Breadcrumbs” Snippet: “eForm” Chunks Plugins Plugin: “PHx” — Extensible Placeholders Plugin: “Page TOC Generator” Templates In the MODx manager interface, go to Resources > Manage Resources > Templates to create or modify templates. Every page … Continue reading “MODX: Designing a Web Site”

MODX: Getting Started

Overview of the Interface Editing Pages Creating New Pages Other Features The George Mason University School of Law uses a web content management system called MODX. MODX allows for template-driven web sites with a great deal of flexibility, and easy editing from anywhere using a web browser. There is no need to install HTML editing … Continue reading “MODX: Getting Started”

MODX Evo AjaxSearch Vulnerability

Issue: The AjaxSearch component distributed with all versions of MODX Evolution (and 0.9.x) contains a vulnerability that allows remote code execution. Resolved: Deleted index-ajax.php and removed AjaxSearch plugin and snippets.

Forgot Manager Login Upgrade and Disabled

Security note from MODX: The Forgot Manager Login plugin distributed with all versions of MODX Evolution (and 0.9.x) contains a vulnerability that allows users to gain unauthorized access to the MODX Manager. Action: Upgrade Forgot Manager Login to version 1.1.4 and also disabled the plug in.

Upgrade Notes

WordPress: Just hit the upgrade button MODX: 1.06 Follow Upgrading Guide (Alternate Method). Back up and Once upgraded, change default sort order in resource tree:if (!isset($_SESSION[‘tree_sortby’]) && !isset($_SESSION[‘tree_sortdir’])) { // This is the first startup, set default sort order $_SESSION[‘tree_sortby’] = ‘menuindex’; // Change menuindex to a value of your choice. $_SESSION[‘tree_sortdir’] = … Continue reading “Upgrade Notes”