Main Site Top Navigation Bar

Assigning new pages to different sections of the site are done within the resource itself under Template Variables. However, adding sections to the Top Navigation Bar requires manually editing a Chunks within MODX. To add a new Admissions Program to the Admissions section, for example, Navigate to Elements, select Chunks, then Navigation, and select the … Continue reading “Main Site Top Navigation Bar”

PowerShell Script For Semester Batches

This is a script I’ve developed after relying on CMD for so long and needing to use PowerShell to quickly export file names in large .ZIP files. Be sure to run as Administrator and make sure your execution policy is not restricted. You can call the function whatever you like. Export-Csv converts objects into a … Continue reading “PowerShell Script For Semester Batches”

Trouble Viewing Published Material on MODx?

If you’re making an edit to an existing page that has been unpublished in the past, be sure to take an extra look at the “Hide Template Variables on Output” field. The field is located under most page templates under Template Variables -> Templates – Default TVs: It varies, but the field in most page … Continue reading “Trouble Viewing Published Material on MODx?”

Upgrading to PHP 7

This guide is for CentOS Linux systems running PHP 5.3 and up. Start by logging into WHM and making sure the server is on Apache 4. Use EasyApache 4 to upgrade if necessary. To upgrade PHP 7, SSH into the server and download Remi and EPEL Repository: $ wget -q $ wget -q … Continue reading “Upgrading to PHP 7”

Events Planning Form Using Javascript

A short questionnaire to direct users to the right form using Javscript window.onload = function() { document.getElementById(‘link1’).style.display = ‘none’; document.getElementById(‘link2’).style.display = ‘none’; }; //Clears div box var x, y, z; //assigns variables to radio selections function a1(answer1){ x = answer1; }; function a2(answer2){ y = answer2; }; function a3(answer3){ z = answer3; }; //if all … Continue reading “Events Planning Form Using Javascript”

List All Sites Using Custom Shortcode

Shortcodes make it easier to customize wordpress pages quickly. WordPress comes with pre-built shortcodes but we’re going to build one from scratch. You will need to add a function to your child theme’s functions.php file. This particular code builds an ordered list of all our wordpress sites under our domain using the get_sites() function. … Continue reading “List All Sites Using Custom Shortcode”