Financial Forms

Administrative Forms

Following SBA Budget approval, student organizations may access their on-campus accounts using two different methods: (1) a request for pre-payment via a Payment Request, or (2) a request to be paid back via a Reimbursement Request.

(1) Payment Request

A Payment Request form is a requisition to purchase goods or services on behalf of the student org prior to delivery of the goods or services. Payment Requests can be used for both state and Foundation accounts. State account funds can be accessed in two ways: (1) use of Virginia’s eVA system for direct payment from the state account, or (2) by use of the SBA Administrator’s Purchase Card (P-Card). The GMU P-Card may only be used for purchases under $4,999. Any purchase over $1,000 requires 30 day advance notice to the SBA Admin.

Purchases made with an off-campus account do not require a Payment Request, however all transactions and purchases must be reported to the SBA Exec Board each semester.

(2) Reimbursement Request

A Reimbursement form should only be used for repayment to students for the authorized purchase of an approved SBA good or service. This method is available for both state and GMUF accounts, however, it should not be utilized if a Payment Request is feasible. GMU fiscal policy prohibits the use of state funds on many items and will deny reimbursement requests.

Failure to provide timely and appropriate documentation, will result in denial of your request.

Revenue Refund Request

Student organizations with self-generated funds held in SBA state or Foundation accounts may submit a Revenue Refund Request to the SBA Administrator for internal processing. Per GMU Policy 6000, self-generated money is defined as,

“money raised by an Organization through various activities, such as the collection of dues from its members, charging admission to its events, fundraising, advertising, submission fees, and sales.”

Many SBA organizations also receive revenue in the form of royalties or charitiable donations, which may also be included in a Revenue Refund Request. However, donations are not tax-exempt unless the student organization is in active 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. Per the guidance of GMU Policy 6000, SBA encourages its member organizations to utilize the GMU Foundation account for donations, particularly considering each organization is responsible for completing their own IRS forms on an annual basis.

Specific documentation is required for a Revenue Refund to be processed. Please visit the Fiscal Services page for more details. Once all necessary documents are gathered, attach them in PDF format, along with a completed Revenue Refund Request form, and email them to Please be aware, all revenue collected in TouchNet Mason Marketplace must be refunded within the Marketplace uPay or uStore site within one year.

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