Hazel Hall Parking

Each year, SBA welcomes thousands of visitors and guests to Hazel Hall and the surrounding Mason Square facilities. Visitors are permitted 30 minutes of complementary parking in the Van Metre garage. Hourly and daily rates, hours of operation, and special event details can be found on the Mason Square Parking ServicesĀ website. Rates for 2024 student and staff permits can be foundĀ here.

To Request Parking Validations:

In certain situations, SBA may approve line item requests for short-term parking costs for guests, speakers, volunteers, vendors, or other campus visitors. These requests must be made by student organization leaders each semester at the Fall and Spring SBA Budget Meetings using accounting code: 73831

If approved by SBA, student org leaders must submit a Parking Validation Request to the SBA Administrator at least 10 business days prior to the event start-date. A blank form can be found in the “Event Forms” section of this website under the Forms tab. Please email a completed form, as well as the SBA-approved event budget to Tabitha Chapman at SBAadmin@gmu.edu

Unused validations must be returned to SBA within 10 business days of the event end-date. For coordinated special events and parking attendant needs, contact the SBA Administrator for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Students can no longer utilize their student org code to secure validations via the online Parking Services form. The above mentioned form must now be submitted for Admin processing.

Parking Validation Request