Student Bar Association


April 4, 2016

Statement of the Student Bar Association 
Regarding the Name Change of the Law School 

Arlington, VA – The Student Bar Association (SBA) has received many comments concerning the University’s recent decision to change the name of the law school. This change presents very important issues and concerns of the student body and alumni, which in the past several days has caused disruption at the law school. The SBA endeavors to continue to act as liaison between the Administration and the student body in this ongoing matter, and to continue to act as facilitator of student concerns.

The process by which the University came to this decision did not include any law student representative input and therefore the SBA challenges the Administration to work with the SBA in hosting a town hall to hear from students, faculty, and alumni regarding their concerns. The SBA also challenges the Administration to hold a follow-up action meeting with SBA leaders to set concrete plans which can address the concerns and ideas expressed at the town hall.

Because the $30,000,000 donation will impact the law school significantly, the SBA challenges the Administration to include student representation in the awarding of the three new scholarships programs and to address short-term and long-term objectives in the donation’s allocation.

The SBA believes that by taking on these challenges the Administration can improve the law school beyond its initial ideas and plans for the donation.

About the Student Bar Association:

The George Mason University Student Bar Association (SBA) is your student body government, dedicated to representing law students and their best interests. The SBA works with the law school administration to ensure rights of individual law students and to facilitate communication among students, faculty, administration and alumni.

SBA supports and encourages academic excellence and professional growth by funding competitions, speaking events, and symposiums.

The SBA also acts as the umbrella organization for all other student-run organizations at GMUSL. In addition, the SBA organizes and sponsors many law school events, including first-year orientation, an annual charity event, the annual Barristers’ Ball, and various other activities.