Extramural Competitions

Extramural competition is a core component of the Moot Court Board. Board members represent GMUSL in extramural moot court competitions nationwide.

2014-2015 Extramural Competitions

American Bar Association’s National Appellate Advocacy Competition
David Lloyd, Megan Velez, Laura D’Agostino
Amy Josslyn, Allison Speaker, Alena Thomas

Billings, Exum, and Frye National Moot Court Competition
Tony Batt, Meggan DeWitt, Molly Picard
Zachary Deubler, Anna Gentry, Stephanie Groff
Lynzi Maas, Eamon Tierney (Natalie Hayes, on brief)

Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Moot Court Competition
Christine Kennedy, Alexa Wolff, Samantha Rocci

Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition 
Natalie Hayes, Elizabeth Hohenstein, Rosemarie Lombardi

National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition 
Rebecca Bucchieri, Cameron Green

Harold H. Green & Joyce Hens Green National Security Law Moot Court Competition
Stacy Allen, Eve Tilley-Coulson

New York City Bar Association’s National Moot Court Competition 
Mary Grob, Ann Kossachev

St. John’s University School of Law Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition
Bryan Mulcahey, Roger Gibboni, Tyler Dever

William B. Bryant & Luke C. Moore Invitational Moot Court Competition
Emily Canis, Claire Borque, Samantha Bernstein