Courses Taught

Law 102/103 – Contracts

Introduction to the principles of contract law, including the consideration doctrine, offer and acceptance, promissory estoppel, and the regulation of the bargaining process.

Law 312 – Sales

This course reviews formation issues treated in Contracts from the perspective of UCC Article 2 (Sales) and focuses on critical Sales issues not addressed in Contracts, namely performance (delivery and payment), title to goods, third party rights, and quality and warranty.

Law 445 – Public Choice and Public Law Seminar

Provides students with a critical introduction to and analysis of public choice economics and its application to law. Public choice economics is the application of economics to the study of collective decision-making, including the political, regulatory, and political process. The course will introduce the basic building blocks of public choice theory, including economic reasoning, interest group theory, social choice theory, and game theory. It will then apply these tools to institutional decision-making bodies, including the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches as well as the Constitution. Students will be expected to participate in class and to write a major term paper as part of the course.