Spring 2022 Events

1- NOVABAA’s February Fitness Challenge

Register on NOVABAA website.
To participate in the NOVABAA February Fitness Challenge:
1. You must have an Apple or Android Watch.
2. Click (here for iPhone, here for Android) to download the Challenges App.
3. Once inside the app, click the button “Join a Challenge”
4. It will ask you for a code, input “grjw”
5. You will see a group NOVABAA picture, along with the caption “NOVABAA February Fitness Challenge”

20- First Annual NOVABAA Black History Month Brunch

You must RSVP in advance. Brunch options range in $20-30.
Location: KitchenCray (Alexandria), owned and operated by an African American Chef who rose to fame after his stint on the Television Show Hell’s Kitchen.
This Brunch will serve two purposes: (1) for NOVABAA to present its book award to one lucky George Mason University Law Student, and (2) to create a social environment for the Saints to gather around and enjoy each other’s company!


29- NOVABAA Virtual Trivia Night, 7:00pm
Register on the NOVABAA website.
The price for this event is free for members, and $10 for non-members.  We will have prizes for our winners and look forward to seeing you there and having a great time!

FALL 2021 Events 

Election of 2021-2022 Officers: Voting Closes at 2:40 p.m. Friday, October 8, 2021.
Voting link:

General Meeting Dates – TBA