Professor Adam Mossoff files amicus brief in Federal Circuit Court on behalf of twelve law professors

Adam Mossoff, Professor of Law

Former Federal Circuit Chief Judge Paul R. Michel is urging his old court to undo its decision to invalidate an American Axle &
Manufacturing automobile drive shaft technology patent, saying it puts “seemingly every patent [in] eligibility jeopardy.” Michel submitted an amicus brief Thursday, backing AAM’s bid to have its case heard en banc. He said if the U.S. Supreme Court’s Alice and Mayo tests can be used to invalidate “industrial-process, physically based-patents” like AAM’s under Section 101 of the Patent Act, then nothing is off limits., Dec. 17

The Most Inspiring Immigration Stories Of 2019: Ilya Somin

Ilya Somin, Professor of Law

“At its worst, America is susceptible to the same types of ethnic, religious, racial, and nationalistic prejudices as all too many other nations,” writes Somin. “But at its best, it is the nation where freedom and opportunity can be yours regardless of who your parents were, or where you where born; the nation where immigrants are accepted more fully than in almost any other.”, December 11