Professor Ilya Somin comments on the use of eminent domain powers for the border wall

Ilya Somin, Professor of Law

The government has broad powers to condemn land and even to begin construction work on property it seizes before compensating the owner. If the government and a property owner cannot agree on the amount, a court can establish the property’s fair market value, but “a common problem is people don’t get as much money as the law says they should,”, October 28, October 28, October 28

Jamil N. Jaffer speaks on whether Rudy Giuliani is becoming a liability for President Trump

Jamil N. Jaffer, Founder & Executive Director, National Security Institute; Director, National Security Law & Policy Program; Assistant Professor of Law
President Trump distances himself from Giuliani associates charged with campaign finance violations; reaction from Jamil Jaffer, director of the national security law and policy program at George Mason University., October 14

Jamil N. Jaffer speaks on impeachment process

Jamil N. Jaffer, Founder & Executive Director, National Security Institute; Director, National Security Law & Policy Program; Assistant Professor of Law
There are no requirements in the Constitution for how the House is supposed to conduct an impeachment inquiry. But prior practice suggests that the House should take a full — a vote of the full House to initiate the impeachment inquiry., October 10

Sean O’Connor on the effects of legalized marijuana on tax revenue

Sean M. O’Connor, Professor of Law; Executive Director, Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property
It has been successful overall,” said Sean O’Connor, founder of the University of Washington’s Cannabis Law and Policy Project and a law professor at George Mason University. “But then when you dig down beyond the overall revenue numbers, you see that the reduction in the black market that was hoped for has not really materialized., October 10

Professor Thomas P. Vartanian and the “Meet the Policymakers” Forum

Thomas P. Vartanian, Professor of Law and Founder and Executive Director, Financial Regulation & Technology Institute

Who is this Vartanian guy and how does he get all the good interviews this year? He talked with Joseph Otting in March about the Trump memorandum to terminate the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In May, he met with the architect behind the Treasury’s Housing Reform Plan that Trump approved, who said that the Treasury has largely been repaid by Fannie and Freddie. This week, he’s meeting with Calabria on October 10th at 5pm at GMU. I wonder what news he’s going to be breaking this time?, October 10

Professor Ilya Somin on U.S. Immigration Laws

Ilya Somin , Professor of Law

Americans generally take it for granted that the U.S. government cannot restrict freedom of speech. It cannot discriminate on the basis of ethnicity and religion, and it cannot detain people without due process. Though these rights are not absolute, there is at the very least a strong constitutional presumption against such measures. Much of this is thanks to the Bill of Rights and other constitutional protections, particularly the Fourteenth Amendment. But there is an area of public policy in which the government routinely gets away with oppression and discrimination that would be readily recognized as unconstitutional anywhere else: immigration law., October 7