Professor Todd Zywicki on the Higher Education Act

Todd J. Zywicki , George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law

American higher education is in a bad place: public confidence is dropping, prices are daunting, and presidential candidates are clamoring to fundamentally change how it’s funded. Join us to hear U.S. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) discuss his interest in finding solutions to the many problems with higher education policy. Attendees will then hear from the authors and editors of three new books tackling higher education’s myriad ailments and how to fix them., September 30, September 30, September 30

Devlin Hartline comments on the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright case

Devlin Hartline, Assistant Professor & Assistant Director, Communications and Publications, CPIP

Francis Malofiy argued the case on behalf Michael Skidmore, a journalist who represents the estate of the late Spirit frontman Randy Wolfe. Skidmore sued Zeppelin in 2014, alleging that the opening of “Stairway” borrowed its descending melody from Spirit’s 1968 track “Taurus.”, September 24

Professor John Yun is mentioned as a witness in the Senate antitrust hearing today

John M. Yun, Associate Professor of Law and Director of Economic Education at the Global Antitrust Institute

Senate lawmakers are eager to take Facebook to task for its high-profile acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp at a big antitrust hearing today. But one of their key witnesses will warn them that heavyhanded regulation from Washington could have unintended consequences for tech startups — and ultimately prevent them from becoming competitors to tech giants., September 24

Professors Wright and Cooper Cited in Second Circuit Decision

James C. Cooper, Associate Professor of Law and Director, Program on Economics & Privacy
Joshua D. Wright, University Professor of Law

Sharp disagreements in the Second Circuit over whether a Connecticut liquor law runs afoul of antitrust law, recently exposed in a bitter dissent, highlight a circuit split that some experts predict will be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court., September 13