Professor J.W. Verret on the Mueller report and his views on presidential impeachment

J.W. Verret, Associate Professor of Law

J.W. Verret, a George Mason University law professor who briefly worked on President Trump’s transition team, is calling for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report., April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22, April 22

Professor Ilya Somin Comments on the Supreme Court’s recent Decisions Surrounding the Principle of Denominational Neutrality

Ilya Somin, Professor of Law

“Presented with a chance to ‘correct’ their error and signal that they will not tolerate religious discrimination in death penalty administration, they were willing to bend over backwards to seize the opportunity, and not let it slip away.”, April 4, April 4, April 4, April 4

Professor J.W. Verret is Cited as one of the Authors of a Study on New Regulations on Corporate Advisory Firms

J.W. Verret, Associate Professor of Law

A majority of retail investors want companies to pursue profit-maximizing strategies over social priorities, and believe the arcane corporate advisory firms that back those measures should be regulated more strongly by the federal government, according to a study published on Tuesday., April 4

Professor Eugene Kontorovich on the Right to Boycott

Eugene Kontorovich, Professor of Law

Support for boycotts of Israel has been growing in recent years, along with an increase in legislation seeking to curb this kind of boycott. Our story is about a contractor in Texas who feels they have no choice but to turn down a job when they realize the state requires they agree not to boycott Israel. We look at where this Israel boycott clause in employment contracts comes from and weigh it against the First Amendment right to free speech.

Then we travel to the occupied Palestinian territories and meet a man who wanted to protest the Israeli occupation by starting a purely Palestinian business. His answer was to start a mushroom farm, but after initial success he ran into unexpected challenges., April 1