Introducing Our New Legal Fiction and DVD Collection!

The library is happy to offer GMUSL patrons a new collection of law-themed novels and films. Please take a minute to browse these materials on the display in the first floor reading room. DVDs are available for an extended checkout period over the winter break.

Interested in learning more about law and film? Check out these titles:

More on law in literature? Search our catalog for “law in literature” as a subject heading.

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You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

According to a study by a University of Tennessee law professor, Bob Dylan’s music is quoted more than any other songwriter’s in American court opinions and other legal writing.  In an interview yesterday on All Things Considered, Professor Alex Long tells Robert Siegal, “It’s Dylan in a landslide.”  A landslide of 186 citations to be exact.  The most quoted song: “Subterranean Homesick Blues.”  In 2007, Professor Long published a law review article on this subject.  Alex B. Long, (Insert Song Lyrics Here):  The Uses and Misuses of Popular Music Lyrics in Legal Writing, 64 Wash & Lee L. Rev. 531 (2007).


April Fools is No Defense

Claiming “April Fools” as a defense is not likely to succeed in the legal world.   Today’s post on the Westlaw Insider blog** has a few examples of taking the joke too far.  

**The Westlaw Insider features tips on using Westlaw and WestlawNext as well as highlighting other topics related to the legal profession.

Federal Government Embraces Social Media

Did you know that many federal government entities are on Facebook?  The White House, the U.S. Department of State, the United States Federal Courts, and the EPA all have Facebook pages—just to name a few.  Of special interest to blog readers may be the Law Library of Congress page, which is frequently updated with information about events, library resources etc.   Like!

Audio Interviews with Supreme Court Justices

When downloading some podcasts to listen to while traveling over Spring Break, I remembered hearing a fascinating group of podcasts that blog readers would enjoy.   In 2009, C-Span conducted a series of interviews with ten current and former U.S. Supreme Court justices.   These personal interviews give a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the professional life of these justices and the work of the Court.

The interviews remain available for free on iTunes and may be accessed here.

Explore the Blawgasphere

Interested in reading more blawgs? The legal community churns out musings on myriad topics. The ABA Journal recently announced its 4th annual list of the top 100 blawgs.  And the Journal’s website has a blawg directory that is searchable by topic.

Here are a few blawgs that may be of interest to law students:

ABOVE THE LAW — Covers the latest news from around the law school community with an emphasis on controversy and scandal.

BRIAN LEITER’S LAW SCHOOL REPORTS — Written by two law professors, this blog covers “news and views about legal academia and the legal profession.”

SOCIAL MEDIA LAW STUDENT — Provides information on new technology relevant to the legal community.

SCOTUS BLOG — “The” blog covering the U.S. Supreme Court.