West Academic Study Aids — they aren’t just for exams!

west-study-aids-subscription-imageThe West Study Aids package is available online to all students. It includes nutshells, hornbooks, Gilbert’s outlines, and much much more. Content isn’t limited to academic subjects — prepping for an interview? There are career resources! Graduating students, getting ready to tackle the bar exam? The Study Aids Subscription has books on successful bar preparation!

Access the Law Library’s subscription by logging into your Westlaw account and clicking the Study Aids Subscription link on the homepage. You can also get to these resources directly from our list of Law-Related Databases by selecting West Online Study Aids. If you have questions or need help with these materials, swing by the Reference Office for assistance.


Books for New Lawyers

The law library has a number of books that may be of interest to newer grads and practitioners covering topics including: career success, workplace tips, alternative careers, and advice for job seekers. Currently many of these titles are on display at the circulation desk.

GMUSL ’13 graduates may check out books from the law library until September 30 .