A Response to The Donkey

Dear The Donkey,

Yesterday you made your annual April Fools’ Day appearance. While we readily acknowledge that all was intended as lighthearted jest, it was difficult not to feel one’s gander rise when confronted with the arbitrary mocking of a venerated colleague, friend, and trusted ally. We speak here, of course, of the lead headline titled, “Mysterious Artifacts Found Near Computer Labs” and its wanton denigration of The Book.

While readily acknowledging the virtues of the digital medium, we would be remiss in not reminding our loyal readers that The Book is far from an “artifact.” These bound instruments remain a vital tool for the best researchers—not mere luddites. Seasoned and resourceful information seekers know the belief that “everything is online” is mere popular mythology promulgated by naive digital natives. Just think tenure people.

To be sure, no one would wish to pull the Shepard’s volumes out of the dumpster or abandon the opportunity of performing standard legal research with a few deliberate clicks. But do not forget that The Book is a technology that has survived for more than six centuries. The iPad has some catching up to do.

Respectfully yours etc……