CALI Adds “Resume” Feature

Here are the details from CALI:

  • The resume feature is automatic. If you leave a lesson by any means such as closing the browser or turning off the computer, you’ll be able to resume later…that is, unless you complete and finalize (more on that below).
    • There’s an Exit & Resume Later link in the upper right that has the same effect as above.
    • To resume a lesson in the same spot with the same score, login to and click “My Lesson Runs“ in the right hand menu.
    • When you get to the end of a lesson, you’ll be given the option to complete and finalize your lesson. If you take this option, you cannot resume that lesson. You can, of course, run the same lesson again from the beginning. There’s also a “Complete the Lesson” link in the table of contents if you’d like to finalize your score prior to hitting the final screen.