A Fond Farewell to Larry Reeves

On December 14 we will bid a fond farewell to Associate Library Director Larry Reeves.  Larry has been appointed Associate Dean and Director of Vanderbilt Law School’s Alyne Queener Massey Law Library.  Vanderbilt’s announcement of Larry’s appointment is here.

Larry joined the GMU Law Library staff in 2008.  He has overseen all facets of day-to-day public services operations, including circulation, reference, and instruction. He has also assisted with the general administration of the library including preparation of budgets, management of personnel, and the development and implementation of long-range plans.

Larry would like readers to know: “It’s been an absolute delight working at GMU Law these past few years! I have learned a great deal from some very talented colleagues who I will miss, and whose expertise I will no doubt continue to call upon throughout my career.”

Larry will be missed by the Library staff and patrons.  We wish him the best of luck in his exciting new position as the head of the Vanderbilt law library!