First Floor’s Progress

The guys working on re-carpeting the Library’s first floor have been hard at work, but the first floor remains closed for now. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, enter the Library on the second floor from the stairwell on the Kirkwood side of the building. Reference and Circulation staff are available in study room 248. Here is a link to a map with the temporary entrance points and offices.

Spading Guide

If you are working on a journal spading assignment, you might like the assistance of the Library’s Scholarly Writing & Spading Guide, which is linked from the Library’s homepage. The second half of the guide is designed to help you find materials for your spading assignment. Of course, don’t hesitate to ask a law librarian for help. Our contact information is here.

Tragedy in Norway and the Legal Process

The tragedy in Norway occurred just days after I was fortunate to visit Oslo—a normally peaceful city where one of the main attactions for visitors is City Hall, the site of the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony. These horrific events have now brought Oslo and the Norwegian Legal Process into the forefront of international attention. 

According to an article in The Telegraph, admitted shooter and bomber Anders Behring will have a detention hearing before a District Court judge (held today, in closed session).  He will later be examined by doctors to assess his mental fitness to stand trial. The article cites unamed legal experts who say that a trial is likely to occur in about a year.

Behring has been charged under Norway’s anti-terriorism laws. Currently, Norwegian law provides for a maximum prison term of  21 years and there is no death penalty. However, according to a law professor at the University of Oslo, jail terms are renewable for 5 years if the court determines there is a risk of repeat offenses. The Norwegian Parliament has decided to raise the maximum prison term for terriorism to 30 years, but the law is not yet in effect.

The Norwegian courts have a useful website, available in English, that explains Norway’s judicial system. An unofficial English translation of the Norwegian Penal Code is available here.  Additional resources include the Law Library of Congress Norwegian Law research guide and the Foreign Law Guide database available to the GMUSL community.

Reference Hours

There will be no evening reference services beginning Monday, July 25.  Evening reference services will resume on Monday, August 15.   Reference librarians will be available 10:00 AM-5:00PM, July 25-August 12.

Library Entrance on 2nd Floor from Jul. 26 to Aug. 11

We are having new carpet installed on the first floor of the Library beginning Tuesday, July 26. The installers tell us that they should be done by August 11, possibly sooner. A company is coming to move the book stacks so that the installer can carpet underneath them. They have specialized equipment that can lift up fully loaded stacks and move them around. This will provide the best result but means that we will need to close the first floor while this work is being done. There will be a temporary entrance into the Library from the 2nd floor stairwell on the Kirkwood side. Reference and Circulation services will be set up in Study Room number 248. For a map with details, click here.

Advice for Bar Prep

Here’s some useful advice from the Law School Academic Support Blog on gearing up for the Bar Exam (please see the blog for more elaboration):

1) Never take the bar exam “for practice”

2) Don’t let practice tests scare you–let them guide your study

3) Practice your writing under timed conditions

4) Stay away from gimmicks

5) Don’t over-study and burn out before the exam

6) Don’t beat yourself up over minor slip-ups in bar prep

7) Don’t talk to anyone about the exam during breaks or after it is finished

Good luck exam takers!