Courses Taught

Law 172 – Business Associations
Provides a detailed introduction to the law and economics of agency, partnerships, limited partnerships, and corporation law. The second half of the course focuses on publicly traded corporations.

Law 197 – Financial Theory
Considers the principles of finance and the application of those principles to a variety of legal questions. Topics include portfolio theory, equilibrium pricing models, valuation of a firm, capital structure of a firm restructuring in attempted takeover situations, mergers and acquisitions, dividend policy, and empirical models of finance.

Law 249 – International Business Economics & Law
This course is designed to provide International Business track students with an analytical framework, based on microeconomic theory, for studying law and policy questions relating to international trade issues. Topics covered include comparative advantage and the gains from trade, patterns of trade, the effects of tariffs, subsidies and other trade laws, balance of payments issues, exchange rate determination, and industrial policy.

Law 275 – Law of Investment Management
This course examines the law and economics of investment advisors, investment companies, mutual funds, and pension funds. These institutions currently manage a large and rapidly increasing share of America’s wealth, and further expansion is especially likely with the growing impetus to privatize social security. Yet little is known about their internal organization, the critical contracting and property rights issues they face in financial markets, or the sources of regulation that influence them under the Securities Exchange Act (1934), the Investment Advisors Act (1940), the Investment Company Act (1940), or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (1974). The course will use basic financial theory and property rights analysis to examine the law that shapes these increasingly vital institutions, with the objective of understanding their internal organization and external environment. This course is an elective in the Corporate and Securities Track. Financial Theory recommended but not required.