EMS Master Calendar Modification

Before making changes to the EMS master calendar, you need to turn on SFTP:

  1. Connect to the server via Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Launch FreeSSHD then click on its icon at the bottom right of the desktop
  3. Select SFTP in the property tab
  4. In the SFTP home path type in: C:\inetpub then hit Apply
  5. Open up Services (search in the start menu). Right click on FreeSSHD service, stop, and start.
  6. Once finished, return to F:\ncastvid directory.

The above instruction is not needed for making changes to the EMS Master Calendar, but it is still relevant for changing SFTP.

Edit EMS Master Calendar

The better approach is to make the edits right on the server.

  1. Connect to the server via Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Locate: C:\inetpub (under My Computer, C drive)

In order to add the Mason Law logo in the master calendar of events, I had to modify the master template file (Calendar.master). Scroll down to line 105, you’ll see this:

<div id="HeaderContainer" runat="server" class="HeaderContainer show-large" >
<a href="http://www.law.gmu.edu/"><img src="http://www.law.gmu.edu/assets/images/2014/mason-law-school.png" alt="George Mason University School of Law" width="150" height="150" ></a>

<%--<div style="margin-bottom:20px;background-image:url(Images/ems-banner-bg.png)"><div class="centered" style="width:1423px;height:205px;"><img class="centered" src="Images/ems-banner.png"/></div>
<header:Header ID="Header" runat="server" />

This template needs to be update every time the EMS calendar is upgraded.