Seven Deadly Sins of Websites

Notes from Computers in Libraries 2013 Workshop

75% Incoming students don’t know how to find research articles and resources

100% of the websites we looked at had at least one major usability issue


7 Deadliest Sins of Library Websites

  1. Does Not Comply with Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that all Web content be equally accessible to people with disabilities.
  2. Uses Unexplained Jargon: Avoid unexplained library jargon that typical users will not understand.
  3. Does Not Format Common Items Consistently: Ensure that the format of common items is consistent from one page to another.
  4. Does Not Maintain Visual Consistency: Elements such as colors, fonts, and content location should be consistent across pages.
  5. Does Not Organize Information Clearly: Organize information at each level of the Web site so that it shows a clear and logical structure to typical users.
  6. Does Not Establish Level of Importance: The page layout should help users find and use the most important information.
  7. Contains Cluttered Displays: On an uncluttered display, all important search targets are clearly visible.

Solution: Take advantage of professional development opportunities to learn more about technology in libraries.