15 Web Trends for 2013

Notes from Computers in Libraries 2013 Workshop

  1. Content first: Zeldman “Good design starts with content”. Example: apple.com, happycog.com
  2. Simplicity: nike.com, The City Library
  3. UX Centered Design: Think, draw, build, repeat
  4. App style interfaces: Feedly
  5. Responsive Design
  6. No skeumorphism
  7. Coding languages: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  8. Fixed header bars: header and social icons
  9. Large photo background
  10. CSS Transparency
  11. Social media badges
  12. Infinite Scroll
  13. Homepage feature tour
  14. Sliding panels
  15. Parallax Design

These aren’t 2013 web trends. They have been around several years.